Under the title

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Under the title "Volunteers respond first"


The event o of AL -ttanweer  Foundation for Social Development in Ibb governorate on World Volunteer Day


AL-ttanweer Foundation for Social Development Member of the Arab Union for Volunteering in partnership with many humanitarian initiative In the province of  Ibb ,Central Yemen on Wednesday morning, December 6, 2017

  The event was launched on the occasion of World Volunteer Day


            The event was launched under the title  "Volunteers respond first", which was held at the headquarters of the Attanweer Social Development Center in the city of Ibb ,The event was attended by several youth leaders and members of the eight youth initiatives in the governorate: "Afqq - Youth Network - Our Idea - Echo Youth - The Bright Future - Tag team- smile of hope  and  white point initiative.


The event was begun with   national anthem , And then to show  the pictures of volunteers and their contributions in the field of volunteering and exchange of experiences between representatives of voluntary youth initiatives, and reviewed the comic drama and concluded the event with Statement of Attanweer Foundatin for Social Development and put the fingerprints of volunteering works .

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