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President of Attanweer Development Foundation , hold a meetings with Arab federation for Voluntary


Attanweer Monthly bulletin -August month 2018

Organizing Committee of the second short awareness film competition to set the date of delivery of awareness films

Attanweer Foundation carries out an assessment for displaced persons in Mothikhirah district – Ibb governorate

Attanweer carried out the Assessment for IDPs in As Sayani district , Ibb Governorate

Altanweer produces Health awareness campaigns About the dangers of "cholera and diphtheria" in several schools in the province of Ibb

Al-Tanweer launches awareness campaign on "cholera and diphtheria" in the Districts of Aludain and Alshaer

The Green Leadership Association meets its members and re-elects its governing body

Workshop on the right to access information in humanitarian and relief work .

Under the title "Volunteers respond first"

Al Tanweer Foundation for Social Development complete the distribution of the health bags project in the

AlTanweer Foundation for Social Development Implements the health bags project in The AL Radai Directorate of Alsahaer

Distribution of Harmonious Bags in Al-Ramayd Area, Al-Adeen district

Together Against Acts of Violence Against Women

a seminar entitled 'Women and Leadership at Ibb University

Concluding the course of making incense and perfume .

Attanweer Social Development Foundation Implements The Session of Writing Projects and Preparing Budgets In Taiz.

Some Activities of Attanweer Social Development Foundation(ASDF) ( I Alodain district )

Attanweer Gained the First Rank in the Project of (Surveying People's Opinion about the Outputs of National Dialogue)

ASDF Implements its Fourth Meeting Within the Meeting that Targets the Political Parties in Ibb Governorate

ASDF Implements its Third Meeting Within the Meeting that Targets the Political Patries in Ibb Governorate

Establishing and Publicizing the Assembly of

Attanweer Social development Foundation (ASDF) Holds its Second Meeting Within Meetings that Target the Main Political Parties in Ibb Governorate.

Attanweer Social Development Foundation(ASDF) lunches Panel Discussion Meetings for political parties in Ibb Governorate

Attanweer Supervises the Meetings of Female Leaders with Citizens in Taiz

Attanweer Inaugurates a Project for Female leaders in Taiz Governorate

Attanweer Implements Public Meetings about the Output of Making independence Authority in The National Dialogue

The Project of Surveying People's opinion about the Outputs of Independence committee of the Working Teams in the National Dialogue.

(The Awareness Programme of the Registering in the Electoral Register for 2013)

The Symposium about Territorial Division in Yemen

Attanweer Social Development Foundation Participates in Establishing Two Assemblies in the Field of Woman in Ibb Governorate.

Attanweer Social Development Foundation(ASDF)Participates with(united nations developmental pogramme UNDP )in the meeting of the Administrating Council of Social Cohesion Developmental Project.

The Election of the Administrating Structure of the Queen Arwa Association for Woman and Child.

Attanweer Along with the Local Community in Alodain Sub-district Opens A Workshop about Reducing Conflicts.

ASDF Ends The Workshop of Reducing the Local Community Conflicts in Dijibla District.

Attanweer Social development Foundation Calls for Investigating the Crime of Central Prison in Ibb Governorate

The Representative of ASDF owned the Organizations Confidence

ASDF Trains Women leaders in Ibb Governorate

Attanweer Implements a listening Session About the Electoral System in Yemen.

The Introductory Meeting of the listening Session about the Electoral System in Yemen

The Evaluating Meeting between the Local Authority in Aldehar – Ibb Governorate and the citizens of Aeqra and Jawbala.

Alqaeda Citizens Meet the local Authoriy in Ibb Governorate and Thesaufal District for the Second Time

The Evaluating Meeting Between the Local Authority in Ibb and the Citizens of Alqeada

IBB Women leaders Governorate are Discussing the problem of Citizens in Ibb Radio Channel.

In Collaboration With the National Endowment for Democracy(NED),

The Electronic Website of ASDF is Near to be Completed

Welcome to Attanweer Social Foundation web site

Hello to all the young people

And Hello to all the girls

Hello .....

All eager to promote community harmony and positive citizenship

All who walk the path of sincere word